Monday, January 17, 2011

Bella Rose B&B - A New Year, A New Beginning...

In a matter of speaking, anyway. This is the year of making social media work for us in our business. That should only benefit, you, our guest, which is why we do anything at all. We will actively try (and try is the operative word here) to be creative and informative in our blogging. It is obvious to us that you like information on the happenings specific to Canandaigua or the Finger Lakes in general. There is SO MUCH that goes on, we want to make it easy for you to find. Websites like has a wealth of information. We will give you these types of things regularly. Also quite popular are recipe ideas, and if you've been here, you know we are big on breakfast. We love to cook for you, serve it to you and bask in the joy of your enjoyment of it. So, we will offer up a recipe every so often. Or pictures, or just little cute stories about our Bella Rose B&B. As we commit to communicating better with you, we hope you watch it happen. And, tell your friends. Bella Rose is finally going to BLOG!!!!

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