Monday, May 23, 2011

Bella Rose B&B shares another great recipe to try at home!

If you like lemon and blueberries, you must try this recipe!  I stumbled upon this last summer in one of my favorite cooking magazines, Cuisine, and knew the moment I read it that it would be a winner.  And, was it ever!  They are called Lemon Pudding Cakes with a cake-like top, a pudding-like center, and perfected with the wonderful surprise of blueberries on the bottom.  So incredibly delicious and they quickly became the hit of the season with everyone asking for the recipe.  So as we embark on another summer season when berries will be freshly picked soon, I thought it was worth sharing with our blog audience.... I know you'll love it!

Lemon Pudding Cake
2 eggs, separated
¾ c. sugar
1-2 t. lemon zest
3 T. fresh lemon juice
2 t. softened butter
¾ c. milk
5 T flour, combined with ¼ t. salt
Approx. ¼ cup fresh blueberries

Combine egg yolks, sugar, butter, zest and juice in large bowl.  Beat until thoroughly blended.   Add flour, alternating with milk until blended.  In another bowl, beat egg whites till stiff peaks form.  Fold egg whites into egg yolk mixture.
Drop a few blueberries into ungreased 6 oz custard cups.  Divide “batter” evenly among custard cups.  Place cups in metal baking pan and add enough boiling water to come up halfway on sides of cups.  Bake at 350 for approx 35 minutes or tops brown lightly.  Remove to cooling rack for 10-15 minutes.  Dust with confectionery sugar and serve.
Of course, I will gladly make them for you and serve them warm from the oven in our beautiful dining room.  If you're planning a trip to the Finger Lakes this summer, look us up and be prepared to get your taste buds awakened!  You'll be glad you did....  Happy eating!  

Monday, May 16, 2011

Guest comments from a stay at Bella Rose B&B!

Although Chris and I do this bed and breakfast business in Canandaigua for many reasons that bring joy to our daily lives, every time we get a great comment from a guest it feels that much more rewarding!  The comment we got this past weekend from a local couple celebrating their anniversary sure made us smile and I wanted to share it with you...  

"From the moment Chris greeted us at the front door, our anniversary weekend was more than we could have imagined.  Chris & Renee's passion for making guests enjoy their home away from home is evident.  They truly cater to their guests physically and emotionally to create an incredibly delightful experience - from chocolate surprises to fresh flowers on the table.  Chris & Renee truly exceed the standard for the B&B experience."  E&H 5/15/11

Meeting new people is definitely one of the best parts of this "job".  (Second is cooking, of course!)  That old saying of "enter as strangers, leave as friends" in this business IS SO TRUE!  Ask anyone.  We shake hands at the beginning and exchange big hugs at the end.  It's a wonderful feeling knowing you made someone's weekend extra special just by doing a couple of little things you know they'd appreciate. It's very heartwarming and  I couldn't imagine doing anything else!  So for those of you wondering if the B&B experience is right for you, it's time you give it a try.  You might just surprise yourself.  Plan your visit to the Finger Lakes in NY today!


Friday, May 6, 2011

Oops! Souffles deflate at Bella Rose B&B!

As you know, I like to try new recipes.  Doing the same menu drives me crazy, so although it's easier to get in a rut and rotate the same six or seven dishes, that's just too boring for me.  I like to live dangerously sometimes -- get nervous and a little stressed when doing a new dish for a table full of people.  But, why not?  Go big or stay home, right?  I agree.  But, let's just say that it's a good thing that I try new entrees out on my hubby and me first..... 

I had mentioned in an earlier post that I thought souffles were next on my hit list.  I've had this recipe for Cheddar Souffles kicking around in my "Bella Rose Recipe Book" since time began so it was way overdue to whip them up.  So, even though I had no idea where this recipe came from, and even though it read........booorrrrinnnngggg, I did it anyway.  And, yes, they were indeed boring.  As souffles sometimes do, they lost their "poofiness" (is that even a word?) almost immediately.  That's problem #1 -- I want food to present well at the table, not look like a shriveled, icky thing.  Problem #2 was the even though they tasted "fine", that's about all they were.  Only fine.  Not good enough, and surely not pretty enough. So, although I'm still thinking there's a tasty souffle recipe out there that will meet my expectations, this one wasn't it.  Into the trash and off the hit list it went.  Oh well.....better luck next time.  And speaking of new recipes -- the Bacon and Leek Risotto with poached egg that I made a few weeks ago.....that's on the menu for Sunday.  Cream-stuffed strawberries for the fruit dish and poppy-seed tea bread with orange glaze as the "opener".'s a surprise!

Happy Mother's Day to all you great Mothers who take the time to read our blog.  I hope you have a great day and get to enjoy yummy foods all day long!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Bad luck, good luck, and a whole lot of gratitude at Bella Rose B&B!

First the bad luck:  The month of May sure had an ominous way of starting out for us!  But, I guess if people in this innkeeping business do it for any great period of time, we're all bound to experience a little bit of what my husband, Chris, and I are saying is our "worst nightmare".  After all, most of us do this in old houses, right?  Well, Sunday morning at approximately 8:10 a.m. the ceiling in the downstairs part of our private quarters decided to open up and dump what seemed like gallons of water on the floor, furniture, woodwork, and whatever else it could find.  Talk about instant stress and disbelief!  I just remember screaming "CCCCHHHHHRRRRRIIIIISSSS!!!  Could not believe my eyes!  Catastrophe has struck, or so it seemed.  Chris flew into the basement and quickly turned off the water -- the water that was going to be used for showering our full house of the morning...before breakfast.  How can this be?  What the heck happened?  No time to figure that out now as we mopped up the mess as best we could, all the while the first course was forgotten in the kitchen and getting ruined.  Oh, this is just great, right?  Not only do we have two bathrooms (out of three) without ANY water, I have only two out of three courses on track, and it is roughly 40 minutes till breakfast "is served". 

Now the good luck:  Trying to gain composure and figure out our next move, Chris went to inform our affected guests of the problem.  Only one out of four people had showered so we opened up our bathroom to the ones "in need".  While he took care of that, I tended to get breakfast moving along and was determined this wasn't going to get the best of me.  It was going to be okay, somehow, as my hands shook and brain felt even fuzzier than usual (lol). And, it was.  Turns out we were the only ones who seemed bothered by this "little inconvenience" as everyone else found it humorous and exciting.  Hard to believe, right?  So, even though it looked like we hit a bit of bad luck, we sure felt good luck shine down on us as we realized:  a) the problem was in OUR part of the house and repairing it would be easier than if it was in guest space, b) it is not yet the high season so we had time this week to fix it, c)  we had very understanding guests.

The gratitude:  We thought we had the worst problem ever imagined and, yes, it threw us in a tizzy.  But, it could have been so much worse!!!  When we realized the good luck we had in the middle of the bad luck, we felt such a feeling of gratitude overwhelm us.  And, it is all thanks to our wonderful, understanding, flexible guests.  They couldn't have been better about the whole thing and seemed to take it much better than their hosts.  Talk about a conversation starter at the table, too!  We could have had such different people, with such a different attitude, that would have made a bad problem, worse.  But, we didn't.  And are we ever grateful.

Now you'll know that Chris not only discovered the problem, it was fixed that afternoon.  A valve in the shower was the culprit, and thankfully easy to replace.  And, the rest of what needs fixing in our area of the house sure seems like a piece of cake to take care of as well. 

A disaster came but did not destroy the morning and yes, we are counting our lucky stars today.  But, really, truth be told, it was our fabulous guests that made it so much easier to handle.  To them, we say "thanks"! from the bottom of our hearts!

Whew.  Glad that's over.  I sure hope this month improves from here, though, and I'm not just talking about the weather!!!